Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 8

The tech integration project that I would like to implement next year with my students is "Tracking a Topic".  This project introduces Google Reader to the students to track information on a topic they are researching.

I feel this would be an added source to our data bases for information.  The problem might be setting up google accounts for the students, however the project suggests that you could set up a classroom account and so this might help.  I believe that we are not allowed to set up google accounts even as teachers so I need to look into this and explain my purpose.

I was excited about discovering Google Reader in this class so I am not that good at it yet.  Doing this project will make me learn more so I can share it with my students as well as the teachers.  How cool to find this project in Atomic Learning that will walk me through the whole process.  I feel that I can actually learn as my students are learning.  This will also be a collaboration tool with teachers in different subject areas.

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  1. Atomic Learning does have some cool lessons. Another great thing to share with your teachers. I know you can use a BISD email account to set up a Google Reader account, so you might want to try there. Possibly the district could set up a Rasco Library account to use with your classes. You may be able to set up folders within Reader to help keep your classes divided. Just a thought!