Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 7

I enjoyed Read, Write, Think, I found a excellent lesson for making your own word journal incorporating online dictionaries. I hope to do this in collaboration with the language teachers. I will teach the initial lessons and then they can keep track of their journals and then we can meet in the computer lab to do the final presentations of thier words after they have had nine weeks to journal. I think I will certainly revisit this site for more ideas.

Kid Pix Delux I did not see much hear that I would use, however I learned more about how to use atomic learning in finding things by manipulating that website. I need to really spend time with that web site is seems very good and full of useful ideas and the tutorials that I have watched doing this class have been excellent.

Wordle, I have played with this in the past and it is a cool site. I have not used it with kids yet. We had to create one with words that described us. I could see it used to describe a main charater in a book as well.

Terra Clues this was a new website for me and I loved it.  Will definitely revisit this site I would like to make a hunt of my own.  I could see a social studies teacher going wild with this making hunts for places.

Each teacher makes their own lesson plans regarding the computer and mobils labs.  Yes, I have used both labs for teacher library lessons and collaborating lessons with teachers. I plan on sharing these websites with all of my teachers and then if they need to know more we can teach other. It is good as a librarian to try and stay abreast of who is knowlegeable at certain website and programs then you have a good resource for help that you can share with others. We all can't be good at everything, even though I know we try! :)

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