Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 3

I did set up an igoogle page and played with the gadgets and found a few that I liked.  I found a SLJ gadget that keeps you updated on articles and thought that was cool especially since it is FREE.  I also found one that keeps track of the bestselling childrens books.  There was also a countdown gadget that was cool which counts the days down till an event such as the: end of school, till christmas, till school starts, and etc.

Google Earth was amazing.  I can certainly turn the kids on to this when I am talking about the atlas.  I think this will help the kids alot especially in a research game that we play. I just found myself spending too much time with it right now however I will go back and try become proficient in certain areas of it.

This was my first time to really see any of the atomic learning and I was very impresssed with the tutorials for Google Earth.  I found them to be really helpful.

I did not really know what Google Reader was, but now I know it is a manager for your blogs. If I get into other blogs besides our library blogs, it would be very handy to access them all in one place, and to be able to organize them by catagories. Also I see that you can search for blogs of interest.  I could see this as another research tool for kids if you set up a list on a subject for them to use.

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  1. Can you please share the name of the SLJ and the children's book gadget? I would love to include them on my page.
    You can get lost on Google pretty quickly there are so many neat things.