Monday, July 13, 2009

Thing # 5
I got lost in flickr I finally just had to make myself quit.  I will definitely  revisit to play and set up a place for my photos.  I found a group called "I am a librarian" where you post a picture of you when you are most unlike a librarian, I think I will take a picture of me and the 18 wheeler I drive and post it on there.  It is good to have another place to look for pictures and know that you are within copy right laws.

Having fun moving on:) 


  1. Can you tell me how to find that group? Evidently I didn't dig deep enough. How cool that you can drive an 18-wheeler!

  2. You drive an 18 wheeler. Who knew

  3. I got lost in Flickr too! I am glad this site is available because I frequently have my kids searching for pictures to complete activities. I was always worried about the copyright issue, but Flickr has made it easy to find pictures that have open copyright. Good luck with your blog!
    Amanda Maslonka